PCR Cabinet


PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) cabinets are the devices that create air barrier to prevent contamination of airborne particles with molecular reactive, and reaction mixtures or any material that has to be stay sterilized during the reaction mixture preparation process. HEPA filtrated PCR cabinets are designed on the same working principle as Laminar Air Flow (LAF) cabinets that protects product and materials.

HEPA filtrated PCR cabinets are works on the principle of exhausting all air in the cabinet by filtrating all intaken air without any recirculation.  In the cabinet, airflow movements and routing are controlled by an electrical fan unit.

Ambient air is taken from air channels on top of the cabinet and passes through HEPA filter which has %99.999 efficiency on holding particles that have a dimension of ≤0.5 microns. Purified air goes to the work zone with an air velocity rate of 0.40 m/s (± %5) by having a laminated airflow pattern. After the filtration process, the work cabinet gets protected by ISO 5 class clean air according to EN14644 standard. Before the filtrated air exhausted from the front glass gap, it efficiently sweeps all surfaces in the cabinet by suppressing all dark zones.  Controlled and continuous air exhaust from the front glass gap creates positive air pressure inside the cabinet, which prevents any ambient air leakage into the work zone of the cabinet.

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