Containment Booth

Metisafe Containment Booth

Handling of toxic, allergic or hazardous raw materials in pharmacy and cosmetic mass productions requires sampling-weighing rooms (containment booths) for personal protection. Besides of personnel safety keeping material clean from airborne contamination sources are the basic functions of those units. Downflow booth internal environment is protected against particle entrances by proper airflow dynamic designs and automatic air velocity compensations under personnel traffic. Metisafe booth designs can also make type revisions based on a request or need at the preinstalled unit. Validation and accredited test company conformities are guaranteed when the installation is made by MetiSafe or Metisafe certified technical service. Metisafe manufactures three types of containment booth depending on material MSDS specification and/or user requirements;

  • Positive Pressure: Work with non-hazardous materials
  • Negative Pressure: Toxic and/or solvent releasing material handling
  • Neutral-Recirculated: Combined safety needs of material handling
Inner Dimensions (WxDxH) mm1322x1110x2035
Outer Dimensions (WxDxH) mm1430x1287x2723
Inner Dimensions (WxDxH) mm1607x2133x2330
Outer Dimensions (WxDxH) mm1715x2320x2922
Inner Dimensions (WxDxH) mm2310x2133x2330
Outer Dimensions (WxDxH) mm2418x2320x2922