AC-300 Portable Hygienic Air Cleaner 

Metisafe® AC-300 Portable Hygenic Air Cleaner works under principles of air recirculation & air filtration Air tight construction and design prevents the air leakage by keeping filtration chamber under negative air pressure.

The portable HEPA filter is SUITABLE for applications such as air cleaning areas, small areas such as square meters:

• Hygienic air is used for applications in small rooms
• Supply of fresh and HEPA filtered clean air for the offices and home
• Decrease of particle or microorganism spread indoor environment air contaminations where crowded
• Dilution of airborne pathogens and pollutants in crowded environments
• Polyclinics, in-hospital small isolation and surgical rooms.

Main Body
  • Antibacterial Powder Coated Sheet Steel
  • On/Off and Airflow Rate Mode Selection
Main Features
  • Economic and compact Mobile HEPA filtration Device
  • Hygienic air born particle cleaning for applications in small rooms
  • Practical use at home, office or hospital
  • Robust and Compact Design
  • Simple filter replacement and easy maintenance
  • Low energy use
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm565 x 310 x 680
Pack Dimensions (WxLxH) mm685 x 430 x 950
Filter Types (EN 1822)Main FilterHEPA, H14 %99,995,03 μ
Supply Air Velocity Range0,3-1,5 m/sn
Air Flow Rate150-300 m³/h
UV Lamp254 nm, 2x11 Watt
Noise Level
(100 cm distance)
Normal Mode< 56 dB(A)
Eco Mode< 45 dB(A)
Supply Voltage and Frequency220-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Blower Power (kW)≤0,20 kW
Weight (kg)< 34 kg
Main BodyAntibacterial Powder Coated Sheet Steel
ControllerOn/Off and Airflow Rate Mode Selection